Avernus Entertainment is a full-service provider in the live touring and entertainment business.

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Avernus team

About us

Born in 1986, Patrick has come a multi-faceted way from promoting small shows in the Swiss countryside over concert photography and helping out smaller bands to an internship at Century Media and Nuclear Blast, to touring crew and tour management jobs on tours worldwide, as well as production management at a couple Swiss venues and promoters. Thanks to his university studies in economics & management, Patrick brings a strong business sense into Avernus Entertainment.

In 2013 Sven Decaluwé and Patrick Haeberli started working together as far as tour management and production work. Finally in 2014 the two decided to join forces as Avernus Entertainment and started offering a wide range of services for bands to help them on their path to global conquest.

While at first, Avernus Entertainment offered both band management (by Sven) and production management (by Patrick) services, over the time the focus shifted to production work alone, with Sven shifting his focus on different projects by the end of 2016.

In 2017, Isabelle Ryser joined the company as a production assistant.

Today, Avernus Entertainment strives to be a full service show production, tour production, and travel agency provider at the highest service level. While there are a set of globally valid rules, our main goal is to find individual creative solutions for every given situation. We are aware that every band has different goals, structures and cultures, and we think it is important that these are an integral part of the strategies and solutions.

When it comes to playing shows or touring, we let musicians take care of being sweaty on stage while we focus on everything else.

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