Avernus Entertainment


Travel arrangements & Logistics

Give us a shout about what you need for your band for the next gig or tour.

  • Need flights? Maybe even need to fly across the continent to make the next show? Send us your itinerary and we’ll send you a quote that we promise will be more than competitive. Thanks to our long experience in anything band logistics and our travel know-how, we have access to great booking channels and get great deals that we love to pay forward. But it’s not only about the deals – sure, it might be easier to fly lo-cost – but then the airport might be on the other side of town (or the country). We calculate every single step and option, so we give you the guarantee that our solution is not only competitive in price, but actually works, too.
  • We can connect you to the best van rental and bus rental companies out there. Ask us for our suggestions and quotes.
  • You call it clusterfuck, we call it positive challenge. Need to get stuff from four different places to your show, with flexible and dynamic travel solutions? Give us a shout. We’ll make it work.
  • We also consult and help with everything regarding border regulations and visa situations.